The Different Lives Of Thought

We tend to assume there’s a single reality that we’re all living but really each of us lives a different reality. Thought’s interpretation isn’t the same for us. Let’s say somebody is tortured in a building somewhere and that person later is returned to this same place, in their reality the building would be an unpleasant place and they’d probably want to leave, they’d feel anxious just being in there, whereas for another person who might have had fun social interactions in this same building, on their return there would be a more pleasant experience. In both individuals thought has a different interpretation of the same sensation; thought forms substantially different realities in both of these individuals.

It might appear as though thought is just telling us the way things are but actually thought actively forms the way the things we experience are. Thought isn’t informing us of some independent reality that we’re living, it actively forms this reality, thought is the day to day reality that we’re living. Thought isn’t a neutral entity informing on perception but an active participant within it. And this is the reality in which you live, not the mythological reality out there supposedly independent of thought but your own unique reality which thought has produced. And continues to actively produce.