The Blending of Thought

Have you ever noticed that in watching the television it appears as though we’re watching a show in the tv but actually there’s only ever dots of light moving around a screen?

It’s worth stopping for a moment to consider this, there’s some imagery that moves on screen and there’s some corresponding sound, but the show we’re watching isn’t really taking place in the tv. The moving light and sound coming from the tv is processed by our sense organs where it enters the body to be converted into thought. The form of the show we feel we’re watching substantially takes place in the thought emanating from inside of us. A major character unexpectedly gets shot dead. You feel the shooting. Nobody got shot in the tv, some images moved around that’s all, the shooting takes place where the internal substance of thought blends into the external substance of the tv.

Thought is actively forming the television show and elsewhere it actively forms other aspects of our life too. This thought substance blends into substances outside of itself to form the day to day reality we’re living. Just as thought forms the sensation of the tv show, thought also forms the sensation of the house, the high street, the places where we hang out with our friends, it forms this world we feel to be independent of us, a world that is less outside of there and more inside of here.

Take where you are sitting right now as you read this. There’s an external perception right? At the surface of your external sense organs there’s an external perception taking place, there’s some thought labelling of the content in this perception but also there’s the external perception before there’s the thought about it. If we go back even further in the forming of this perception, before the senses have even processed what is there the situation corresponding to this perception exists in a form of its own irrelevant to the senses, however as the sense organs make contact with this situation it converts into what you see. It’s not strictly external because it’s still a material projection from within the body. Remember there’s no thought at this point, just the external sensation, we could refer to this projection by the senses as the first perception. Then we have the secondary affect of thought within this perception where thought essentially embeds itself forming the labels of the content you see, and it’s in here where we find the sense of the things that take place in our life. In this second perception, where thought activates, the world in which we live exists. As an example, take the form of the sensation of the device on which you’re reading this. There’s the secondary perception where thought embeds itself and it’s here where the device really exists ultimately as a thought blended form, prior to this affect of thought there’s the original form as projected by the sense organs of what thought later perceives as the device, and more essential still there’s the original truth before the senses have made contact.

Where the perception of consciousness is strong the body is able to perceive what we refer to as the device without even having a fundamental sense of the device. Or it is able to perceive a leaf without seeing it as a leaf, or green, or having a curved shape. The same consciousness is also able to see a curved shaped green coloured leaf because that’s necessary to function but where consciousness has clarity it perceives the way thought blends into the wider perception to form a sense of reality.

What does this mean for the television?

Well, not only is there a television show not taking place in the television but the television itself isn’t even there. These both emanate from the thought inside of us.