The Blending of Thought

Have you ever noticed that in watching the television it appears as though we’re watching a show in the tv but actually there’s only ever dots of light moving around a screen?

It’s worth stopping for a moment to consider this, there’s some imagery that moves on screen and there’s some corresponding sound, but the show we’re watching isn’t really taking place in the tv. The moving light and sound coming from the tv is processed by our sense organs where it enters the body to be converted into thought. The form of the show we feel we’re watching substantially takes place in the thought emanating from inside of us. A major character unexpectedly gets shot dead. You feel the shooting. Nobody got shot in the tv, some images moved around that’s all, the shooting takes place where the internal substance of thought blends into the external substance of the tv.

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The Self Perception

In touching a hot surface the hand suddenly pulls away. Such is the intelligence of the hand it perceives the surface is too hot to touch and acts accordingly. If perception were absent, and the hand unable to perceive the surface as too hot, it would surely burn. Perception is a vital fact of what we are, its activity throughout the body enables the subtle intelligence that maintains an orderly self.

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