Thursday 10th of September 2020

When a doctor prescribes medication to treat the unpleasant symptoms of a health disorder instead of its root cause, these symptoms might be replaced by new symptoms for which further medication is required. As more medication is prescribed the potential for complications increases. If the doctor continues to respond only to the symptoms, what starts out as a relatively minor illness becomes a much deadlier problem. The medical industry understands the need to treat a health problem at its root however the most serious problems that trouble humanity are not generally treated at their source, there’s a disastrous tendency to tackle the man-made disorders responsible for the existential threat facing humanity by separating them into different issues without stopping to consider the role played by the mechanism that separated them in the first instant. It is the mechanical activity of thought that separates the problems caused by people, whether ecological, economic, war, or some other issue into their respective categories and then moves to resolve them as though they were independent of one another, and independent from itself. Yet it is the activity of thought in Man that is destroying the ecology, producing economic crises, causing wars and all sorts of other destructions both to the world and ourselves.

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