The Different Lives Of Thought

We tend to assume there’s a single reality that we’re all living but really each of us lives a different reality. Thought’s interpretation isn’t the same for us. Let’s say somebody is tortured in a building somewhere and that person later is returned to this same place, in their reality the building would be an unpleasant place and they’d probably want to leave, they’d feel anxious just being in there, whereas for another person who might have had fun social interactions in this same building, on their return there would be a more pleasant experience. In both individuals thought has a different interpretation of the same sensation; thought forms substantially different realities in both of these individuals.

It might appear as though thought is just telling us the way things are but actually thought actively forms the way the things we experience are. Thought isn’t informing us of some independent reality that we’re living, it actively forms this reality, thought is the day to day reality that we’re living. Thought isn’t a neutral entity informing on perception but an active participant within it. And this is the reality in which you live, not the mythological reality out there supposedly independent of thought but your own unique reality which thought has produced. And continues to actively produce.

Thought Blends Into Reality

Have you ever noticed that in watching the television it appears as though we’re watching a show in the tv but actually there’s only ever dots of light moving around a screen? It’s worth stopping for a moment to consider this, there’s some imagery that moves on screen and there’s some corresponding sound, but the show we’re watching isn’t really taking place in the tv. The light and sound coming from the tv is detected by our sense organs and processed by the body where it’s interpreted through the use of thought. The form of the show we feel we’re watching substantially takes place in thought. A major character unexpectedly gets shot dead and you feel the event, nobody gets shot in the tv, some images move around that’s all, the shooting takes place where the internal substance of thought blends into the external substance of the tv. The show not only forms outside of us but it forms inside of us too. Thought is active in the forming of the television show, and elsewhere it actively interprets and reproduces other sensations relevant to our life. This thought substance blends into substances outside of it to form the day to day reality we’re living. Just as thought forms the sensation of the tv show, thought also forms the sensation of the house, the high street, the places where we hang out with our friends, it forms this world we feel to be independent of us, a world that is less outside of there and more inside of here.

Self Perception

Perception is necessary in order to function, whether it’s the perception of happenings outside of the body for example in the form of sight or sound, or inside of us, such as the perception of hunger. Perception takes place throughout the body and this enables it to function coherently. In touching a hot surface the hand suddenly pulls away, it’s because of perception this is possible, should the hand not perceive the surface is too hot to touch it would surely burn. Perception is intelligence acting in the hand as it is acting throughout the rest of the body, wherever in the body there isn’t perception there isn’t intelligence, there isn’t the understanding of what’s going on and so the body can’t respond creatively to sort out the contradictions that arise. The thought material in the body isn’t fundamentally different from the rest of the bodily material and so it too should be subject to perception as the body is but there’s a basic absence of perception throughout this particular bodily feature that is causing extremely serious dysfunction. The hand perceives contradictions thus when an incoherence arises such as touching a hot surface it immediately acts to end it and return itself to order but thought in the absence of perception is unable to see its disorder, it is unable to resolve the natural contradictions that arise within it, consequently it is caught in immense confusion, extending well beyond its proper function into a seriously dangerous dysfunction.